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Cyanide Gold Mining Machine

Cyanide Gold Mining Machine

Product Introduction
Cyanide Gold Mining Machine obtains gold mud from carbon by desorption and electrowinning
Gold Loaded Carbon Content
Product Structure
Cyanide Gold Mining Machine consists of electrolysis equipment including desorption column and the electrodeposition tank

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Cyanide Gold Mining Machine parts Cyanide Gold Mining Machine work

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Product Description:

In the high temperature (150℃) and pressure (0.5MPa), the desorption rate reaches 98%;Since desorption and electrolysis does not require different temperatures, it is not necessary to change temperature. The quickness and efficiency of machine dramatically diminishes gross electricity consumption by 1/2-1/4.Desorption does not require sodium cyanide, which reduces cost and averts pollution.

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In gold electrowinning process,when the electrolysis equipment is added with anions which are more easily absorbed by activated carbons, Au(CN)2ˉ is replaced by anion and the gold desorption is achieved. After the carbons loaded with gold are desorbed, pregnant solution is process via ionization. At last, solid gold is attained.


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Technical Parameters:

Model Suitable Scale System Equipment List System Instrument List Operation Parameters
Mine Scale (t/d) Raw Ore Grade (g/t)
GJD-200 < 150 2~8

$1 Desorption Column

$2 Filter

$3 Electrolytic Tank

$4 Circulating Pump

$5 Electric Heater

$6 Carbon Ejector

$7 Air Compressor

$8 Desorption Solution Tank

$9 Clarified Water Pump

$10 Acid Storage Tank $11 Magnetic Pump

$12 Carbon Storage Tank

$15 Control Cabinet

$16 Silicon Rectifier Cabinet

$17 Pickling Tank

B1 Electric Resistance Remote Transmission Diaphragm-Seal Pressure Gauge

B1 Pressure Indication Adjusting Meter

B2 Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

B3 Vortex Shedding Flowmeter

B3 Flow Integrating Instrument

B4 Thermal Temperature Meter

B5 Temperature Sensor

B5 Temperature IndicationAdjusting Meter

P6 Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

B7 Level Meter

B9 Temperature Sensor

B9 Temperature Indication Adjusting Meter

Desorption Solution:

PH > 13.5
Time of Application:

Electrolysis Start:


Electrolysis Ending:

Electrolysis Current:


Electrolysis Pressure:

Pressure at

150C :
Upper of Desorption Column:


Electrolytic Tank:


GJD-300 150~300
GJD-500 300~500
GJD-1000 500~1000
GJD-2000 1000~2000
GJD-3500 2000~3000 2~20
Especial > 3000

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